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Special 2

Jumbo Pizza (Cheese + 5 Toppings), Small Garlic Fingers (Cheese & Dipping...

Special 1

Jumbo Pizza (Cheese + 5 Toppings) & 2L Soft Drink
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Special 6

Jumbo Pizza (Cheese + 5 Toppings), Medium Garlic Fingers with Cheese and...
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Super Special #5

Jumbo Pizza, Cheese + 5 Toppings, Jumbo Garlic Fingers with Cheese & 4...
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Special 7

Jumbo Pizza (Cheese + 5 Toppings), Medium Garlic Fingers, Regular Wings...
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Special 4

Jumbo Pizza (Cheese with 5 Toppings), Regular Wings (choice of honey garlic,...
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Monday Special (Mondays only)

Large Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza
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Special 3

Jumbo Garlic Fingers (Cheese & Dipping Sauce), Small Pizza (Cheese with...
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Tuesday Special (Tuesdays only)

Medium Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza